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Rentalic.comRentalic is a marketplace which makes it possible for anybody to rent any item he is after, instead of purchasing it. Of course, such a system is also beneficial for the environment since items are recycled and reused time after time.


There are two rental modalities on offer, with only one requiring approval before the transaction is carried to completion. In any case, payments are handled through PayPal and both a rental fee and a deposit have to be taken care of. A key code is then sent to the borrower, and the code is keyed in at the Rentalic website when the item is picked up. At the end of the process, the item is returned, and feedback is traded.

As you can imagine, the marketplace is browseable by category. Owing to the nature of the site, the more popular categories are obviously “Appliances”, “Tools” and “Gardening”. I also noticed that the video games category has generated a lot of interest. And you can always see the listings by city, so that looking up items that are situated near you current location is made far easier. In Their Own Words

“Rentalic Inc. is a privately held company based in San Mateo, California. We provide an innovative web platform that enables person-to-person renting between friends, family, and communities. It is an online marketplace where owners can post items or services to rent out and borrowers can rent items or services they need. By offering a wide assortment of products and services that are conveniently located and cost effective, provides a high value service to everyone!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site will let you get these items that you want for a reasonable price, and in an eco-friendly way at that.

Some Questions About

What fees are there to be paid for using this service?

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