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Renewable Startup Companies Making a Difference Right Now

With the world’s energy grid going the way it is, there’s always room to find some form of renewable energy solution. And, luckily, a number of renewable startup companies are already on the rise.


We’ve seen a huge growth in these companies over the past few years, offering their own carbon-emitting fuel solutions, amongst other things to make energy run cleaner and, in some areas, cheaper. There’s always a number of new technologies out there innovating in the field of renewable energy, and there’s room for more.

So let’s take a close look at some of the renewable startup companies that are truly making a difference in the world. We can’t list every single one here, but we will point out the most notable ones on the market. They’re doing whatever it takes to keep Earth moving right along.

Solstice Is a Reliable Renewable Startup In the Energy Market

First off, let’s talk about the U.S. based Solstice, a company that’s doing whatever it takes to make the alternate energy field thrive. Its goal is simple – creating both affordable and clean energy that anyone, and not just corporations, can enjoy. That means going out of its way to create solutions that won’t go overboard on price. And we can assure you, with the technology at hand, that’s not easy.

The company has become a master of creating solar infrastructures that everyone can take advantage of. They know the right spots within communities and corporations in which to put solar panels in place. This includes both residential and business areas. These, in turn, create the kind of energy that can keep things nicely powered up. And all without going into overdrive.

Solstice has come a long way over the past few years, and when it comes to working on its goal of creating sustainable energy for all, it’s not done just yet. We can’t wait to see what they do in the years ahead.

Kite Power Energy Has Renewable Startup Business Nailed Down Pat

Next up, we have a company called Kite Power Systems. But don’t be fooled – it doesn’t use the old-fashioned method of tying a key to a kite in an effort to obtain its energy. No, sir, it has more renewable startup business tactics in mind.

The company works on setting up energy funnels that operate at a much lower cost than what you’d find in typical wind turbine energy setups. What’s more, the company manages to do so using 85 percent less material than the usual turbine. That’s impressive, especially considering it gets similar results.

The technology actually comes from way in the past – even before Benjamin Franklin. Kite Power Systems began establishment all the way back in 221 BC. However, the way it harnesses technology is much more advanced, so don’t worry – it’s not stuck in the stone age.

With the right tools to capture wind energy in the best way possible. Kite Power Energy is great for those seeking alternate energy solutions. That gives them more time to enjoy leisurely activities – like flying a kite!

Need Renewable Startup Power At a Low Cost? LanzaTech Has You Covered

Next up, we have LanzaTech, a US-based company that’s all about creating new fuel sources using a process that helps eliminate unnecessary carbon emissions. It sounds like a complicated setup. However, through the power of recycling, it can get the job done without breaking a sweat.

It begins by capturing said emissions, which in turn becomes converted into reusable energy. Not only does that remove harmful CO2 emissions that can do harm to the planet, but converts them too.

It actually compares itself to trying to retrofit a brewery in its mission statement, but instead uses the process to convert pollution into helpful chemicals and fuel. (So please, don’t drink it.)

As a result, it’s highly technical, but absolutely top-notch when it comes to its energy solutions. And that makes LanzaTech an ideal pick for finding proper solutions for new-found fuel. Talk about doing good for the planet and still managing to produce something helpful to consumers!

What Other Companies Should We Watch?

Here’s a few other renewable startup selections to watch out for. AeroShield knows how to make efficient windows for better insulation while using thinner and lighter materials. Vermont-based Green Mountain Power wins us over with a unique energy system that runs on a combination of solar and wind power. And last but certainly not least, CleanChoice Energy has consumer transitioning down to a science, providing cleaner energy sources as a result.

No matter who you go with in terms of a renewable startup, these companies have you in good hands. We hope your search goes well and you find an energy solution that’s right for you!


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