Remove the Humen Element from Time-Off Management

The only thing better than taking a day off work?  Getting paid for it.


Paid holidays are like gold, especially for those of us stuck in less-than-enjoyable work environments.  But what happens when the amount of gold we think we have doesn’t equate to the amount that our employer says we do?


Chaos, that’s what.  Far too many businesses are still relying on spreadsheets & emails to manage employee time off.  It’s a less-than-efficient process that leads to human error and wasted effort for businesses – and some awkwardly confusing moments for everyone involved.


Introducing Humen: a free online tool that greatly simplifies tracking & management of holidays, vacation days, and sick leaves for any size business.

It’s about time your company said goodbye to the 90s and their infatuation with spreadsheets.  Humen makes the entire process so easy – allowing you to add holidays and other days off with just a couple clicks and manage this entire end of your business from a single screen.


And when we say any business, we mean it – as Humen’s core functionality is 100% free to download and use with no credit card required.  A variety of features are immediately unlocked for new users, including:


  • Calendar view which shows who’s in the office (and who isn’t) all in one place
  • Seamless viewing of any employee’s time off statistics (vacation days remaining, etc.)
  • Easy classification and selection of day off types (home office, unpaid vacation, etc.)
  • Also shows upcoming events on the calendar, including extra work days and holidays
  • Full admin control of all employee & company settings from an appealing dashboard


Humen was conceptualized by Founder David Ipacs in 2018, and is currently in a beta stage.  The company has big things on the horizon for 2019, including the introduction of a Professional version – which will introduce new features to the growing user base and a viable revenue model for the company.


We invite readers to visit and learn more about how Humen is changing the holiday management game.  The Founder can also be reached by email at [email protected].



Photos: Humen