– Communicate In Your Own Private Network

Remobo.comRemobo is self-defined as an instant private network application. It can be used in order to connect not just people but also computers, and access them from everywhere This means that files can be shared and that any application can be run between the different computers that make up the network.

As a matter of fact, you can run just anything – games can be played, and media can be streamed as if you were standing there, not either side of the same city or in different countries as it is becoming commonplace with distributed workforce these days.

Remobo clearly aims to stand as a cheaper (and certainly easier alternative) to VPN software. The fact that you can run any 3rd application on top of it does give it an interesting aura, and the same goes for the attention to detail when it comes to encrypting data.

A free copy of Remobo can be downloaded on the site. Both PC and Mac users will be able to use it. The same goes for those who run Linux. There is little to be configured, too, and that is always a plus. You won’t have to twiddle with your firewall, nor change the settings of your current network. In Their Own Words

“Instantly Create a Private Network!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let anybody communicate as extensively or privately as he wishes.

Some Questions About

When is the next version being released? What will be added/modified?