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RememberingThat.comIf you deem yourself as a bit of a nostalgic, this blog is definitely for you. In essence, Remembering That is a portal where people can submit stories and articles about days long gone by, and the things they used to do and enjoy way back then.

As the team behind it say, “think of it as a bit of an historical archive and window to our past”.

For instance, some of the featured stories include “The Year of the Rubik’s Cube” and “The parking meter story”. This walk down memory lane is made a suppler one by the inclusion of a 70’s and 80’s memories pool that you can resort to whenever the mood takes you.

In addition to nostalgia buffs, younger people are also prone to have a good time at this weblog, as they can have a good representation of the way things were before straight from the horse’s mouth. If you think either definition applies to you, you might as well give the site and try and get ready to rock to the tune of memories. In Their Own Words

“A long time ago… in a galaxy not too far away….”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a superb way of bringing memories to the fore.

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Which ones are the categories currently available?