– For The Building Of Online Memorials

Remembered.comRemembered offers a new way to pay your final respects to the dearly beloved who have departed. Essentially, through this site you will be able to create an online memorial and have it shared it with whomever you want.

You can create a page that can be accessed just by your family and relatives, and they will be the only ones who will be able to post comments and expand on the feelings and reflections that you have conveyed yourself.

There are actually two versions of this service available: “Commemorative Memorial” and “Legacy Memorial”. The basic service (IE, that of creating a page for paying your last respects) is the same. But differences arise when it comes to the number of uncompressed photographs that you can host and make available for your guests to download.

Other than that, it must be mentioned that memorials can have personalized URLs (in order to provide everybody that vital sense of poignancy), and that integration with platforms such as Facebook is already provided. Inviting your loved ones to your memorial page is much easier as a result. In Their Own Words

“ is a user-friendly social network which lets you create and maintain an online memorial website for your loved ones. This virtual memorial becomes the focal point of a community of family and friends that keeps your cherished memories alive. The features we offer are designed to reflect your loved one’s life and personality while keeping control of sensitive aspects such as privacy, religion, and security.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s a fitting way to make your loved ones live forever in people’s memory.

Some Questions About

What will happen to all the data you have uploaded if the site ever goes down? Will you be able to retrieve?