– Email Search For Your iPhone

reMail.comA new iPhone app that can be procured for free during the existing beta period, reMail will enable you to look up information contained within any e-mail that you have received and retrieve it effortlessly.

Once installed, the app works in an intuitive way indeed.

It auto-completes names and makes suggestions whenever you are executing a search, and (best of all) it can even work offline. In practice, that means you will be able to find your information wherever and whenever reception is troublesome such as tunnels or planes.

Finally, reMail works with any service that supports IMAP – IE, most current e-mail and webmail providers in the market right now. As such, it is quite likely that if you want to give it a spin your current service provider will be supported. Remember that the beta release can be had at no cost, too, so that if you want to put reMail to the task you will be able to do so more or less instantly. In Their Own Words

“Powerful email search for your iPhone.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a supple tool that will let anybody save time when searching for vital information.

Some Questions About

How much will it cost once the beta period expires?