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Relatious.comLove is the driving force of life from start to finish, and as such it is a permanent topic of conversation. Did you really think the WWW was aloof to that? Rather, did you think that micro-blogging (the development of the decade as far as communications go) could pay no heed to that? If that was indeed the case, you were considerably deluded – simply give the RelatioUS site a try and see how micro-blogging and such a topic go hand in glove.


On the site, people can talk about just anything they want as regards the relationships they are into, the ones they have been a part of, and those that they hope to strike up eventually. People can open themselves up and let everybody know about the things that break their hearts, as well as the ones that renew them.

If there is a topic that lends itself to conversation, that is love. Ultimately, that is the one strength of the site – everybody has something to say when it comes to that, and its potential public is as wide as the number of individuals who enjoy surfing the web on a daily basis. In Their Own Words

“We all love to dish about relationships. Finally, here’s a place where you can share virtually every aspect of those sexy, messy, often complicated, but always interesting love connections.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People can vent their romantic frustrations right here, and also celebrate the things they cherish about the relationships they are into.

Some Questions About

Can you include pictures and videos as part of your messages?

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