– Tag Your Relationships

RelationMesh.comBy the looks of it, the cure for social network fatigue might be closer than expected. That’s what one has to think after trying a service like this one out. RelationMesh can be used to make sense of your every online interaction, by applying tags that basically let you define who is who in your social life. Those who use this service can create “relationships” which are conformed by at least 1 tag and 1 e-mail address, and by 10 tags and 5 e-mail addresses maximum.

The relationships that are created on the site typically look like this:

#meeting with [email protected] #restaurantBBB

The way the site works, people can create relationships even with those who are not registered users of the service. When a relationship of such nature is created, an invitation is sent out to the person in question.

Relationships can be kept public or private, and the service is already integrated both with with Facebook and with Twitter. Relationships can be posted in either service just by doing the relevant linking. In Their Own Words

Create and manage your relations in a very easy way.

Tag them, search them and communicate your actions via facebook or twitter.

Some Questions About

Won’t some people find having to type everything out a little clumsy? Can’t a more intuitive interface be devised?