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One of my favorite things about writing is getting to play a small role in both exposing the fallacies in stereotypes and disrupting conventional behavior. So, I’m thrilled about sharing a particular startup momentarily, but first…


Stereotype: women love to shop and spend way too much on clothes. The problem with this thinking is that it fails to account for the ridiculous demands that society places on women to have specific clothing (e.g. formal dresses) for different events. Women are forced to buy outfits that often can only be used once, or infrequently at best. We all share the blame in this costly custom.


Ready to learn how everything is about to change?


reKindness is an online community where clothes can be shared or swapped. Instead of buying clothes, members earn credits for the clothes they put into the community closet,  which can then be used to claim other members’ items. So, a person only pays for shipping and a small service fee ($8) to score different clothing.



It’s such a simple exchange system, really, which is part of its brilliance. Notice this is not a resale marketplace or thrift shop – which may or may not yield good deals or effectively circulate perfectly good, unused clothing. No, reKindness, is a straight-up great deal, that makes a person wonder why they would look anywhere else to refresh the closet.


According to their website, “21 billion pounds of textiles (clothing, footwear, accessories, towels, bedding, etc) end up in landfills in the US each year.” That’s a staggering figure. Clearly we’ve lacked a successful system for keeping clothing out of the dumpsters. So, reKindness is kind to the wallet and kind to our planet.


Need more reasons to feel good? reKindness is happy to oblige. Sharing makes us feel good. Doing a good turn for someone makes us feel good. That’s not just sentimental talk. There’s science to back this up, not to mention an entire sharing economy that has grown up along with the Internet. reKindess doubles down on the great karma factor by letting members share dresses with those who will enjoy them/put them to good use, while keeping closets uncluttered.


Maybe, maybe you’ll sell that wedding dress or formal gown on Craigslist or another site. This process comes with its own hassles. Chances are high those clothes are going to stay in the house, in a dark corner. Taking up space, serving no further purpose… hey, I’m not here to bum anyone out.


With reKindness you can trade in what you no longer wear for clothes that you do want, without fuss. Sign up at Keep those closets neat, wardrobes fresh, and  put the old ways of overspending on clothing in the garbage instead of the clothes themselves.


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