Regret-Free Emailing: You Can Finally Unsend Email!

Today’s Killer Startup:


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Elevator Pitch:

Regret-free emailing: lets you unsend or edit any email after you’ve sent it.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Raise your hand if you’ve never sent an email that you wanted to take back. No one?




That’s what I thought.


We’ve all been there, whether it was a “reply all” that was supposed to be a “reply”; or a late night, ill-thought out message; or just some bad typos in an email that really, really needed to be professional. That moment after hitting send when you realize something is wrong is the worst because, up until now, you couldn’t do a damn thing about it.


The folks over at heard your collective cries of regret echoing throughout the world and decided to do something about it. They created a way to take back all of those mistaken emails. You can either take back the entire thing, leaving just the shell of an email with no content, or edit it once it’s been sent — even if the recipient has already opened it.


You can also unsend or edit any attachments that were included with your emails, or even set a self-destruct feature, which programs the email to disappear after it’s been read. You can also decide which features you want and which you can do without on the app’s user interface.


Oh yeah, did I also mention that it’s free?




Don’t ever suffer from that moment of panic or regret after hitting the “send” button again. Don’t stress over emails sent in the heat of the moment or typos that could mean the difference between getting and losing the job of your dreams. With, you have complete control over your emails like never before.



You know that panicked feeling when you accidentally hit “send” on an email? NEVER FEEL IT AGAIN w/@_unSend


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