– Confirming Welfare protects the costumes interests by sending a confirmation message of the particular website they signed up for.

This includes all kind of sites, from sweepstakes, to online music sites to recipe sites. The service aim is to protect the user and at the same time offer them all the singular opportunities they are expecting of their favorite products. In the web page the costumer can take notice of a lot of benefits and also has the possibility of contact them or otherwise, if the user is already signed up, he has the possibility of unsubscribe only by providing their email address. In the other hand, this webpage also offers two links for download music and to download or post pictures. The first one provides the costumer with hundreds of music lists, famous artists pictures, hot rankings and so; and the most appealing thing about it, is that all music is legal. It is a legal site, where you can download free songs. The only thing the costumer has to do is to sign up and he’ll be able to reach all the free music, ringtones, pictures and much more. Meanwhile the user downloads music, he can also post all the pictures he want and make a slideshow in the second link. Just with signing in the user can freely share all the pictures he want, or make a formal presentation within a technological slideshow. In Their Own Words

“We take proper measures to make sure that our opt-in registrants remain secure. We value our users and in return provide them with unique opportunities for their favorite products.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives a lot of confidence to the users and if offers them some great benefits in the special areas they want, in this way the users receive all the information they want without getting any undesirable sites.

Also It seems not to have many competitors.

Some Questions About

Will they provide more information in their home page? The information is pretty much incomplete, the costumer has partially to guess what the system is about or in fact what are they offering.