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Refugees Welcome Is Changing Lives In Europe

Today’s Killer Startup: Refugees Welcome





Elevator Pitch:

Refugees Welcome lets private individuals open up rooms in their homes to refugees in Europe.


Why They’re A Killer Startup:

Germany just made news by opening up their immigration policy, allowing refugees to apply for EU asylum in Germany. This is huge because the current EU laws state that refugees must apply for asylum in the country they first land in, a rule that has put massive strains on Italy and Greece in particular. Those two countries are extremely overtaxed, as people fleeing the ongoing civil war in Syria land on their shores in order to seek asylum and safety in Europe.


One of the major issues, of course, is finding housing for all of these people. There are reports of inhumane conditions in the refugee camps, but the resources to improve them simply aren’t there. Germany’s move, then, could potentially take some of the strain off of her southern neighbors.


Directly on the heels of Germany’s announcement, a site called Refugees Welcome popped onto my radar. The site connects people living in shared flats or houses with refugees in need of housing. Once people sign up, an external refugee aid organization sets them up with a refugee that they think would be a good fit. Everyone gets to meet in person, and, if it seems like it will work out, the refugee can move in. The site has suggestions on how to pay that person’s rent (including funding that’s available from the German government and crowdfunding), and they promise to help with figuring out all of the financials.


At the time of my writing this article, the site had already matched 134 people who would have been in unstable housing with people willing to host them. While that number is obviously a drop in the bucket of the current refugee crisis in Europe, it’s a great start. Also, even if you’re in Germany (or if you are and just don’t have the extra space), you can contribute to the project by signing up to be one of the micro-donors who helps pay for people’s rent.


Refugees in Europe are fleeing horrifying conditions. Most of them have left everything behind in order to embark on terrifying journeys to safety, only to find that there’s no room at the inn. Help them out with a small monthly donation to Refugees Welcome and make the world just a little bit nicer.



This #startup is helping ease the #refugee crisis in Europe! SO AWESOME!! @FlchtlngWllkmmn


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