Reftab: Simple and Free Asset Management Software

When it comes to your most prized possessions, why leave anything up to chance?


Sure, mistakes and hiccups are inevitable during the daily course of business.  But as a company leader, if you’re not doing everything you can to avoid the big ones, well, that’s on you.


This is especially the case when it comes to asset management.  From inventory, to equipment, to licenses, to valuable IP, your assets are the “gold” at the foundation of your business – but the status-quo practice of using spreadsheets isn’t getting the job done.


Using spreadsheets in this arena greatly increases the chance for human error – and the results of mismanaged assets can be debilitating for a business.  Not to mention, it’s extremely time-consuming and can create added confusion amongst key employees; instead of deciding how to best use these assets, you’re scrambling around trying to organize them.


It’s time to waive goodbye to spreadsheet hassles with Reftab: a simple SaaS platform that helps businesses keep track of their asset inventory.  The free solution makes management easy, in addition to handling all development & hosting activities – so you can get back to what really matters.

Reftab was designed to be rapidly onboarded by businesses to have them trashing spreadsheets in no time.  Its mobile asset scanning interface allows users to check-in/check-out with a quick QR code or barcode scan from any device.  As soon as your asset appears you can immediately see who owns it and when it’s due for return – plus, you can create custom asset tag labels for free.


All security concerns are also immediately alleviated, as Reftab utilizes SAML SSO, two-factor authentication, and many other top security features.  For new users, it’s as simple as categorizing your assets, printing & attaching QRs/barcodes to them, and downloading our apps to use the platform. This simplicity makes Reftab ideal for a wide range of organization types – including design & ad agencies, IT professionals, and schools.


Items can also be reserved from a custom-branded user portal with drag & drop calendars.  Other features the platforms offers include:


  • Running automatic reports and setting customized email alerts based on multiple metrics
  • Track multiple asset categories, including software licenses, bulk items, and much more
  • Sync users from an Active Directory automatically instead of manually creating records
  • Track asset loans according to location

Reftab lets businesses manage 50 assets free forever with unlimited inventory and software tracking.  This user acquisition-friendly approach has allowed them to compile an impressive customer list during its first 5 years, including Cornell University, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, and Adder.


The company was co-founded by Michael Caslowitz, an NYC-based IT professional serving with top design, advertising/PR, and fashion companies.  Under his watch, Reftab hopes to continue growing its national user base and start helping even larger enterprise customers.


If you would like more information about how Reftab is changing the game in asset management, please visit them online at  Mr. Caslowitz can also be reached via email at [email protected].


Photos: Reftab