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ReferenceBot.comReferenceBot is a new tool that acts as a reference escrow service mediating between prospects, employers and references. That is, it automates the process of professional and commercial reference and injects a lot of flexibility into the process.


In a certain sense, it is a sort of repository of references which lets companies that are hiring have an instant appreciation of different prospects.

Obviously, such a service also benefits job hunters as they will be able to centralize feedback from former employers along with their letters of recommendation. And references are likewise benefited since they are bothered only once – they simply write one review, and that will be included in the ReferenceBot database for posterity.

Ultimately, ReferenceBot aims to stand as the definitive professional referral and recommendation collaboration tool on the web today. If you want to see what chances it has of achieving that in person, simply locate your browser at and take a good look for yourself. In Their Own Words

“ReferenceBot is a free online professional and commercial reference automation and collaboration tool. ReferenceBot acts as a reference escrow service that mediates between the prospect, the employer and the reference. ReferenceBot benefits everybody.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is one of these well-focused tools that makes for a smoother approach between employers and prospective employees.

Some Questions About

Are all industries whatsoever taken into consideration by such a system?

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