KillerStartups – Booking The Right Local Services

RedBeacon.comA startup that has been causing quite a buzz recently, Red Beacon couples a simple and useful idea with a good execution. In principle, it will empower you to compare prices for these local services that you might be interested in and book the one that meets your requirements.

The system works along the following lines. First, you request the service that you are after. Then, you can start comparing the offers that materialize. Finally, when you determine that one of the providers is the right one for you it is a simple matter of scheduling the job online.

This system has two clear advantages: it is free, and the appointment is entirely handled online. The way everything is structured, there is no need to make a single call.

The startup is slowly covering more and more territories, and chances are that the one you live in might already be supported. Just pay the site a visit at and see if that is true, and whether or not it lives to all the reputation it is garnering. In Their Own Words

“Compare prices and book an appointment for any local service!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a direct way of getting a job done, without even having to make a call.

Some Questions About

Will it eventually cover the whole world?

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