– Hire Recruit Experts Australian startup which aims to revolutionize the way in which talent is found and hired, RecruitLoop lets employers do without all the hassles of “conventional” recruitment processes. How? By hiring the services of expert recruiters that will do the job for them instead, and find the most suitable candidates for any position that needs to be filled.

Companies that use this service first connect with the expert recruiters themselves, by posting their exact needs for recruiters to volunteer their services. Each and every recruiter who is part of the RecruitLoop network has got a profile detailing his previous performance, and with the feedback he has received from other companies he has helped in the past.

And the process that comes after having decided to work with any specific recruiter involves receiving a shortlist of candidates, and then reviewing recorded video interviews and tests before making the big decision of who to hire. Once that decision has been arrived at, the expert is going to be paid based on how much time he has worked, and he is also being rated and reviewed for future companies to know who they’ll be working with if they hire him. In Their Own Words

RecruitLoop is an online recruiting platform providing businesses with flexible recruitment support by connecting them with a distributed network of expert recruiters.

Our mission is to provide employers with stress-free recruiting. We will do that by giving professional recruiters opportunities to provide fantastic client service in a trusting and flexible environment.

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