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Recomu.comAlthough we are still waiting for an official confirmation from Facebook, the ever-popular social network has in all likelihood just passed the 750 million users mark. That is a staggering, somehow unreal figure. It defies logic and belief. But it is true. And 750 million users equals 750 million people sharing links. Gulp. Just the thought of getting to the best of the best content shared by such a userbase is debilitating. Luckily for everybody, there are sites like Recomu around – sites that get to the bottom of what is being shared on Facebook, and place the most remarkable content shared by users in an easily-understandable context.

The way the whole system works, Recomu checks which links are being shared the most on any given day, week, month or year. These are then aggregated for everybody else to see. And users can connect their Facebook accounts in order to customize exactly which categories they are going to see displayed on their front pages. So, it is possible to have a 100 % tailored user experience here. In Their Own Words

The most popular links on Facebook.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes for having the most interesting content that has been shared on Facebook highlighted for you.

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How many categories can you have on your front page?