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Recommendationventures.comScouta, from Recommendation Ventures is a powerful recommendation platform that helps users find the content they are searching for in less clicks, thereby increasing revenues. Scouta works by observing individuals’ behavior on your website and delivering personal recommendations to improve homepage merchandising, site browsing and search results.


The Scouta platform essentially serves to give personalized product recommendations that suit each customer’s interests and keep them coming back for more. eBay and other online merchants generate significantly more revenues using similar technology and Scouta brings similar functionality to anyone. Adding Scouta to your site takes just a few hours and integration is a simple as a few lines of Java code. In Their Own Words

“Scouta’s powerful recommendation platform can give your site visitors the shortest path to the content and products most likely to meet their needs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anyone with a web page will tell you that the biggest obstacle is getting people past the home page and towards the product or item they are searching for. By monitoring the customer, Scouta figures out what they want and puts it right in front of them. Whether the ultimate goal is the sale of a product or more page clicks, Scouta is an innovative solution.

Some Questions About

Perhaps the only thing holding this site back is their insistence that interested parties fill out a contact form to get the ball rolling. Have they considered automating the process so that people can register and get their site up and running right away?

Author : Caroline Bright

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