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Recipester.orgRecipetser is a new service whereby internauts can cocreate articles about software topics and upload them to the WWW for all to see and weigh up. The idea is to come up with solutions for specific software problems or dilemmas in a way as quick and elastic as possible.

The website includes a recommendation system that lets users find content that is tied to his area of expertise, whilst social and personalized recommendations based on your past behavior are likewise accounted for.

The site also prides itself on its search capabilities, as results are based on collaborative voting and the search per se includes keyword suggestions for finding the right term in a natural way.

Extensive tutorials are provided as regards how to write articles, and aspects such as how to add images are clearly explained. Information on how to tag articles is likewise provided.

As it is pointed out online, a system like this one will give anybody exposure, and exposure is marketing. If you want to make your name be known in the industry, this could be a healthy way to strike out towards recognition. In Their Own Words

“A recipe is a how-to article, cocreated and approved by experts, about software topics. Recipester is a wiki-based community for sharing recipes about topics you are expert in. With recipester you can cocreate recipes and solve specific problems of software in a revolutionary way easier, quicker and more effective.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It lets anybody share knowledge and make himself known in an interactive context.

Some Questions About

What are the main issues that the featured recipes deal with?