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Do you follow the news? If the answer is “No, but I wish I did!” or “Yeah, I love the news!”, then listen up! I’ve got an app that will take all of your excuses for not following the news as much as you’d like — it’s hard to find good information; I don’t have time; it’s not relevant to me — and throw them right out the door. After all, one of the keys to being a good citizen of the world is keeping up with what’s going on in it, right?


The app is called Recent News. It makes finding and reading the news way better than it ever has been with a newspaper or even websites. Recent News (which is available for both Android and iOS) uses artificial intelligence to deliver the news that you want to read. And how do they do it, you ask? Very, very smartly.




Recent News doesn’t make you click on any little heart or thumbs down symbols to let them know what you’re digging. Instead, all you have to do is read the articles in the app that interest you. That’s it! In the background, Recent News will be paying attention to the articles you’re reading and will start recommending new articles based on what you’ve read before. The more you read, the better the recommendations become!


And because they know you want to know not only what’s going on in the world but in your own backyard too, Recent News also has a local news option. It’ll send you news about what’s going on around, simply based on your location. The app actually reads the day’s news and figures out what’s relevant to you based on where you’re at.


There’s a lot going on the world today. Keeping up with the news can feel like a full-time job in and of itself. With Recent News, however, you can keep track of what’s going on internationally, nationally, and locally — all you have to do is read.


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