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I’m usually the last person in a group that thinks to take a picture. It’s not that I mind be photographed, it just usually doesn’t cross my mind. That said, as the happy papa of a 15-month old, I find myself with more photos – and taking more photos – than I ever imagined. Trying to keep them organized drives me crazy.


I can only imagine the headaches of those who are more picture-prone than myself. We’re all struggling to keep pace with the ease of snapping shots from our smartphones. Which is all to say that now is the perfect time for a service like ReCapted to come along.


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ReCapted “is a place to store, share and relive your captured memories.” Simple enough, right? Wrong! There are plenty of apps for both taking and storing pictures, which is part of what’s becoming a colossal problem. It’s a real pain to figure out who has what photos, where they’re stored, who’s sent whom what… You get the drift.


We have an urgent need for a clear destination where we send our collective photos. No more trying to send to multiple people. No more stressing about sending pictures to five different people with five different apps. Instead, ReCapted provides albums where people can send their photos without fuss.


There’s something to be said for the old-school, book-bound photo album. A person used to know exactly where to go to see pictures. It used to be fun to revisit memories and share pictures. Now, pictures feel more like project management than living memories. ReCapted blends the convenience and versatility of digital pictures with the pleasure of turning to a photo album.


And if your memory still stumbles over trying to remember where you took a photo, ReCapted lets you see your photos on a TravelMap, so you can easily remember where a picture was taken.


Of course, privacy is another huge issue that adds unnecessary worry to capturing moments with friends and family. Social networking giants like Facebook make it easy to share pictures, but take a few too many liberties with access to personal data (at least in one humble writer’s estimation). With ReCapted, you can shelve your privacy concerns. You control who sees your pictures, who can share, who can contribute to albums, etc. Your memories are safely yours to keep.


If your photo and video collections have become more labyrinth than library, then have a good look at ReCapted. Learn more about how you can store your photos for greater enjoyment at


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