– Reorganizing Your Inbox

reBoxed.Remail.comIf you have been looking for a way to have a more intelligent Gmail inbox, look no further than this site. In principle, this system will let you sort e-mails that remain unread based on the importance of the sender.

That is accomplished by voting on pairs of contacts, and answering the question of “Whose e-mails are more important?”. Based on this voting process, reBoxed will reorganize your e-mails on the spot, and will continue doing so from that point onwards.

As an application, reBoxed was put together in a 75-hour period. It is an interesting development when it comes to e-mail organization, although no one would mistake it for the next big thing.

For the time being, this service is available to Gmail users only. Needless to say, support for other e-mail clients wouldn’t go amiss. Moreover, note that you can not connect your reBoxed account to multiple Gmail accounts. Theoretically speaking, you could get around that by creating multiple reBoxed accounts but that is a bit cumbersome for me. In Their Own Words

“reBoxed sorts unread emails in your Gmail Inbox by the importance of the sender. You start by voting on pairs of contacts – ‘whose emails are more important?’. Your votes are then combined with your friends’ votes. reBoxed’s algorithm then sorts your inbox based on this input.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a system lets anybody keep a more organized and tidier inbox.

Some Questions About

Will this service be updated beyond this point?