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Rebookd.comThis website stands as an online student-to-student marketplace where textbooks can be bought and sold. That is, Rebookd gives students the ability to buy/sell their textbooks directly with other students, avoiding middlemen and the typical mark-up that goes with them.

Using the site is inexpensive, as an account is created at no cost and just a small fee has to be paid by the buyer and the seller when a transaction takes place.

The idea, then, is providing a marketplace for students to buy and sell their own books so that both sides can save money and also time – it is a one-on-one relationship. The seller can charge a price he knows that is fair (if only because he is a student himself), whereas the buyer is able to pinpoint the precise edition he is after.

For the time being, the service is placing its focus on 11 Midwestern universities. These include the Universities of Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Indiana among others. In actuality, every student is welcome to use the site, notwithstanding his current location so you won’t be prevented from carrying out a transaction through it. In Their Own Words

“At Rebook’d, we’re committed to creating a student-to-student marketplace for used books. This will translate directly to you in savings on your textbook costs

and increased return prices. When you list your book for sale, you choose the

price which best represents the value of the book. When you’re looking to buy a book, you can find a book that fits your price, edition, and condition needs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site can eventually establish itself as a viable alternative to bookstores and related shops, as it offers a cheaper outlet on the whole.

Some Questions About

Are the fees paid by buyers and sellers flat ones?