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Rebates2Riches – Get Real Money (Gold!) Back When You Spend

Has holiday season shopping fatigue already set in? Perfectly understandable. The words “rebate offer” might have a hard time triggering interest in you after the ad onslaughts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, writing as someone who would prefer to miss out on a great deal rather than read fifty unattractive deals to find that one winner, I’d like to share a startup with you that has a truly golden take on rebates.


Rebates2Riches (R2R) is a secured savings membership club, where members can purchase from their favorite retailers or wholesalers and receive rebates in physical gold. That’s right: rebates in the form of real gold.


Kinda makes you never want to wrestle with airlines while trying to redeem miles – or go through the hassle of mailing in a receipt for a couple of bucks back – ever again, huh?




Rebates, in general, remain problematic. Jaw-dropping estimates for the value of lost or unclaimed rebates range from millions to billions of dollars. Points, air miles, corporate-branded currencies aren’t easy to use or worth the effort. What should be a benefit becomes a pain.


R2R stands well apart from other loyalty rewards programs as the only company that rewards members with tax-free gold. No need to worry about fluctuating (or disappearing) value here. The value of gold is recognized internationally and continues to increase. This means that you could actually build your savings while making your purchases instead of being goaded into spending more and more.


Signup for an account with R2R, then login to follow links to your favorite online retailers. Shop the likes of Amazon, Target, eBay, Etsy, etc. as you would ordinarily, and receive gold back. Pile it up, sell it back to R2R whenever you like. Use your normal reward credit cards for transactions, and you can double up on your rewards.


So, is simple to use and provides no-strings-attached rebates, which are effortless to claim and have value of the upmost reliability… but all this hardly needs to be said. For an annual membership of $49 with R2R, you get tax-free gold back on your purchases. Gold!


If you’re sick of prospecting for good deals and would like a loyalty rewards program that puts pure gold straight into your hands, then learn more about Rebates2Riches by visiting their Fundable profile.


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