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Site visitors do not have to register to be able to view travel blogs, advice, hotel ratings, complaints, price comparisons, and adventure ideas. provides detailed accounts of trips all across the globe that real travelers have documented and shared with the online community. This site also offers a clear and simple way to organize a trip and good methods to lead to a better experience. Dynamic rout maps are very helpful to visualize a trip, and users can view information from Frommer´s for free! The plans are easily changed and travelers can send their information and plans to family and friends through the website. also provides a massive amount of information on specific attractions and destinations. For example, users can view current weather, news, exchange rates, visa and border rules, other articles about the location, travel advisories, economic and social information, local calendars, compare prices, etc. This site is very upbeat and easy to navigate. What travelers want is a clear and exciting plan for their adventures and is a great place to start building. In Their Own Words

¨ At RealTravel, we believe that travel information is about more than price and star ratings – it is about the whole experience. You want to know what it is really like there. You want information on the people, the culture, how to get around, how to avoid problems, as well as suggestions for itineraries, accommodations, dining and things to do. We also believe that the best way to find out about a place is from someone with similar tastes who has already been there. So we’ve created an exciting new online community that lets people like you find and share detailed advice and experiences on places around the world. And we make it easy for you to connect to other travelers who are just as passionate about travel as you. ¨

Why It Might Be A Killer has a cool format that is really easy for new users to navigate. There is a lot of information about places that have yet to become touristy which is awesome. The maps are very helpful in planning and executing long travel adventures. Having a map of the journey is also a cool way to look back and remember the trip. The discussion forums are also really neat and helpful, and a good way to keep in touch along the way. The travel planner is the best part of and the most unique because it personalized for the traveler.

Some Questions About

How is this travel site different from all the other backroads/real travel sites? What does it offer that the other sites lack? How can it separate from the pack?

Author : Bruce Turner

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