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RealTimeMatrix.comThere’s a lot out there. On the web.

Much of it you’ll probably never see. However, you might give it a try, surfing the net as if you were flicking channels on the telly. Unfortunately it’s a little more complicated than a flick of a switch. Fortunately, there is help to be had. Rather than having to sift through the literally millions of pages out there yourself, try the Real Time Matrix. RTM customizes the web for you; it finds information that is relevant to you and your interests. You’ll get only what you want delivered to you where you want(PDA, mobile phone, laptop, desktop, etc) as a feed . Check out RTM in action from the website. Create your own personal channel. Let the web come to you. In Their Own Words

“We use the power of the Web to bypass the clutter of the Web, matching fresh content directly to interested users, and marketers directly to an audience dedicated to their product category. Our technology enables you to simply define what interests you (your channel) and items that match your interest will be automatically sent to you when they are published to the Web. It’s that simple!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

With the sheer amount of information on the web, it’s just hard to find anything. Real Time Matrix fixes that. They deliver, right to your doorstep, so to speak, exactly what you want. No more wasting your time stumbling on sites you don’t care about.

Some Questions About

How exactly does RTM accomplish this? How accurate are their results? Will it become a mainstay for the mainstream user?