KillerStartups – Find Out If Your Favorite Celebrities Politicians and Athletes Are Believable

RealScoop.comRealScoop is a startup that will let anybody find out how truthful is a politician or any other public figure. In principle, RealScoop employs voice analysis technology to analyze statements made by such individuals. The resulting system goes by the name of “Believability Meter”, and it goes through each second of a provided celebrity video and displays real-time results using different colors. Basically, the statements which are most believable are green, and those that are questionable are first yellow, then orange and finally red.

Scoops are suggested by members of the online community, and these can be accessed from the main page. The site itself presents various categories where scoops can be placed, namely “Entertainment”, “News” and “Sports”. Of course, a subsection named “Elections ‘08” is featured and it is safe to say that it is the one that generates the most interest.

When viewing a specific category, it possible to order the featured scoops by date, number of views, score and received comments.

All in all, RealScoop is an interesting application that will no doubt fuel more than a fair share of debates both online and offline. In Their Own Words

“RealScoop rates the believability of statements made by celebrities, athletes and politicians. Our BELIEVABILITY METER™, utilizes the world’s leading voice analysis technology to analyze over 100 vocal elements. Be first to uncover the RealScoop.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a novel tool that will cause endless interpretations and debates.

Some Questions About

Are there similar services on the Net, or is this a forerunner? Will other scoop categories be added in the future?

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