– Conversion Tool for E-marketing

RealPING.comRealPING is a consumer focused communications tool that empowers real-time assistance for your website visitors. When questions arise and prospects are on your site, looking at tours, reading your email, they need help now.

Not tomorrow, not by an email, they demand immediacy. VOIP Widget that connects web site caller with button owner. Once bridged the button owner can control the screen of the calling party with their cell phone- this process has a patent on it. Over 17,000 users as of last week- launched for realtors now going into other industries. In Their Own Words

“If you are e- marketing on the WEB, you know being the first responder is a priority.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

No other service allows you to deliver any web content directly to the desktop of a caller.

Some Questions About

Will users see the benefit of such a simple and limited tool?