– Teaching tools

Reallygoodstuff.comReally Good Stuff is aimed at providing products and services that aid teachers make a difference in children’s lives. In order to do that, they offer a special collection of enjoyable and original teaching tools.

One if it main attractions is that products are tested in the classroom and evaluated by teacher panels before they appear on their catalog or on the site. They have created products which can help children learn how to read or desktop helpers which have been created to provide information that assists students learn how to write and think, in an attractive and simple prearranged laminated card, among others. Their payment options include Visa, MasterCard and Discover. If you have a great idea and you would like to see it turned into one of their products, share it with them, and if their expert teacher panel chooses your idea or if it is submitted more than once, you will win $25 Gift Certificate for any of their products.