Ready To Jump On The E-Learning Bandwagon?

Today’s Killer Startup: Unius


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Elevator Pitch:

Unius is “a comprehensive e-learning platform for corporate and educational institutions.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

There are two major players who are interested in creating online learning courses: corporations and businesses that want to make sure their training is consistent, and educational institutes that, well, want to teach. While these two groups have different objectives, the path to achieve them can be found in Unius.


Unius provides an easy, quick platform for creating e-learning courses. Corporations can upload training courses to the platform, saving hours on internal training. It also makes it easier to share knowledge across different branches, as anyone with access info can sign and take the courses.


Finally, using Unius lowers the number of human errors that are all too common when you have different people in different locations or departments trying to duplicate the same training.


They also recommend it as a great way to educate new hires who are recent graduates on company protocol and the correct way to act in a corporate environment.


For educational institutions like colleges or even education startups, Unius offers a user-friendly interface with an easy onboarding process for teachers. It only takes 10 minutes to get set up and the platform includes reporting tools and its own social network.


Unius also has scalable pricing so that a range of different institutions can afford to use their platform. Their lowest price point starts at a little less than £50 per month, making it affordable for most groups across the board.


E-learning is becoming more and more popular as the technology advances and connectivity gets better and better. If your company or school is interested in jumping on the e-learning bandwagon, head over to Unius and get started!



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