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Readr.comDo you ever get frustrated when you log into Facebook or MySpace and you have to surf through all kinds of people’s pages to find out if anyone has posted any cool news pics, blogs or videos, sometimes you log in and they do, sometimes they don’t. Wouldn’t is be so much more effecient to wait until someone did post something new and then recieve a message about it? With Readr.


com you would sign up for free and then plug in who your friends are, what sites they post to and Readr will accumulate the new blogs, video and pics for you and send alert you when something new needs to be seen. Now you don’t have to randomly surf through different sites hoping someone has made a new post. In Their Own Words

Your friends’ latest updates
Find out when your friends post new pictures, write in their blog, post a video, and more.
from around the Internet
Works with most blog, photo, and video services.
…in one place.
See your friends’ updates on your News Feed. Get email alerts when there’s something new.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site can be a great help for those who find themselves wasting time looking for new posts from their friends, and then get lost on the internet for hours, clearly there is a more efficient way and this site is helping to provide that.

Some Questions About

Since the site is free to use and is not monetized in any way by advertising, even though it is a useful tool, it will not be making any money in the near future.


Author : Irene Davids

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