– Cause a Reaction, Shirts That Text Back

Reactee.comLook hot and support a cause with Reactee shirts, the customizable web-based teeshirt design company that´s got a bigger purpose. Printed on your teeshirt will be your own unique call for action, as well as a text code for others to use and support your cause.

Create your own keyword and text response and change it as much as you want, keep your supporters updated on whats going on. Reactee can be used in a number of ways, support a political campaign, or support your basketball team. Say the big game is next thursday, once people see your teeshirt (Go Warriors!) and they text in the code, they´ll recieve a preset message by you that perhaps gives them the date and time of the next game. The service is great for individuals and companies alike, all you have to do is customize your teeshirt on the web, they produce and send as many as you like. Alternatively you can browse others Reactee designs and order one for yourself to promote the cause you really care about. In Their Own Words

“The Reactee team has significant experience with the mobile industry, consumer Internet, and the apparel industry. Our goal is to combine the best of these elements to make shirts that are fun to wear, look good, and bridge the gap between the physical world, mobile communications and the Internet. Our shirts are meant for individuals as well as organizations. Individuals can make shirts with their own unique keyword and response – which they can update as frequently as they want. Organizations can make many shirts with the same keyword and use them to promote their causes.”