Razoo.com – Good things happen here

Razoo.comWhat the world needs now is love sweet love and Razoo.com is a good place to start spreading it.

Razoo.com is a community of individuals who are dedicated to bringing awareness to many types of injustice and finding ways to support the fight against these tragedies. Individuals and groups can set up a page with their specific fight, actions to take, and goals to achieve. This is a great resource for people to find others who are on the same warpath, find out about organizations to become a part of, and learn about what we can do as individuals to support a cause. For people who want to help but don’t have time or resources, Razoo.com offers a bunch of easy actions that help in one cause or another. Some of the current action suggestions are to use a reusable coffee cup, use mass transit, hug your wife, and the list goes on. But the great part is that these aren’t empty suggestions- they are back by actual people, groups, and organizations that provide reasons and detailed causes behind the calls to action. The causes are organized into ten categories including: animals, economy, education, environment, global crises, health, human rights, politics, religion, and violence. A few of the most popular causes are: climate change, art from the developing world, end elder loneliness, and labor immigration policy. At Razoo.com there is no cause too small or trivial – what matters here is that people are fighting to positive change.

Razoo.com In Their Own Words

“This mission is at the heart of our name. A “razoo” is a coin of the smallest value. The idea behind naming our company after what might seem insignificant to some, is that when combined, small contributions have great value. This word “razoo” is the root of what our business is all about–small actions coming together to change your life and to change your world. And, we really do believe big changes can happen, not just on local and global issues, but also in the lives of people who choose to give to and serve others. At the core of Razoo is the belief that life is more rewarding when lived for others.”

Why Razoo.com It Might Be A Killer

This site hits all the important topics and has a vibe that is exciting and inviting. Whether people are looking for small ways to help or big organizations to join, Razoo is a great resource.

Some Questions About Razoo.com

Can donations be made through the site? Are there organized events for different groups? Razoo.com