Raven Scanner ditches the computer, the worst part of Scanner setup and use

Scanning documents is a huge part of many different people’s business function. However, scanners have always been an IT nightmare. Interface with peripherals has always been difficult, as models and standards are always changing, but most businesses keep legacy equipment for as long as possible. Raven Scanner addresses this margin-killing connectivity hassle by completely removing computers from the scanning equation, allowing you to scan in peace.

Raven’s scanners come already-connected to a highly-functional, single purpose, internet-aware computers — computers that are built right into the scanners themselves. These integrated control systems can be accessed easily through the devices’ unique large, easy-to-understand touch-screen displays.

Through this display interface, users can easily control every aspect of the scanning process, while never having to connect the device to a computer, or fiddle with drivers, cables, firmware updates or operating system conflicts. The scanner connects directly to any wifi network and, from there, can scan documents directly to any internet-available resources, from archaic destinations like Fax Send and Print, to modern destinations like popular cloud storage services.

You can even scan directly to Raven’s own secure, unlimited scanned document storage cloud, Raven Cloud. Unlimited Raven Cloud storage is included free with every Raven Scan machine purchased, so you are ready to start collecting and organizing your important scans right out of the box.

Raven Scanners have seen unique and immediate success: Hundreds of businesses and households are adopting Raven Scanner and Raven Cloud every week since the scanners launched. Some schools are putting a Raven Scanner in each classroom, so students can student to turn in written homework directly to teachers’ personal digital clouds. Existing businesses scanning and shredding old file cabinets to go “paperless” are also finding this fully-integrated scanning solution ideal for their specific use case.

Stefan Diasti, CEO and Co-Founder of Raven Scanners, launched the product at Collision Conference in Toronto, in May of 2019. It’s the product of over 2 years’ worth of focused product development.

“We built Raven to provide seamless solutions that enable small businesses and chief household officers to go paperless,” Diasti says. “We set out to disrupt the document scanner category with user-centered design, a built-in interface that eliminates the need for a computer, direct scanning to the cloud, and unmatched customer service and support.”

Simple customer service is a big selling point: Raven Scanners include free automatic software updates, delivered directly over the internet, which means Raven Scanners get the benefit of new features multiple times each month, without needing to upgrade to the latest model. Furthermore, no software is required to set up or use Raven Scanner or Raven Cloud, so it’s both platform and operating system agnostic.

“Our customers receive an end-to-end solution that allows them to effortlessly transition to cloud storage and document management,” Diasti explains, “By including Raven Cloud at no cost, we’ve eliminated barriers and complexity in turning paper documents into fully-searchable digital files that can be accessed from any device.”

Customers also appreciate that Raven Scan is a completely US-based business, located in Houston, Texas. This allows them to be closer to their customers, and to drive product innovation based on customer feedback. “When was the last time you called customer service to an electronics brand, got an answer within minutes from a representative in the U.S, and saw your request implemented in the next software update?” Diasti asks.