RateZip.com – Search for Interest Rates

RateZip.comPeople are always finding ways to save and make money. With RateZip you can do a fast and easy comparison of interest rates from banks across the nation.

RateZip’s patent pending artificial intelligence compiles published information from banks and organizes it into the search engine. On the main page are four categories for searching: mortgage, CDs, savings and auto. Each has specific advanced search filters, such as location, order direction and duration. Results are displayed in graphs and you’ll also get map locations for each bank. Below that are interest rate trends, national results, and latest articles. Users can also submit banks upon registration.

RateZip.com In Their Own Words

RateZip is the smartest way for you to search interest rates online. RateZip is free, and 100% Organic. All of the rates included in RateZip search are actual rates which have been already published on the internet by the bank. RateZip simply collects the rate information from hundreds of user-submitted bank web pages every day to compile the most comprehensive and unbiased interest rate search available.

Why RateZip.com It Might Be A Killer

This is a quick and easy way to compare interest rates. It saves time—rather than having to look at all the individual sites, you can simply com to RateZip.

Some Questions About RateZip.com

It would be useful if results could be saved or pulled into an user created comparison chart. Also, implementing a regional search, rather than just by zipcode would expand search options. RateZip.com