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RateYourSeats.comBuying seats for sports and concert venues would be much easier if one actually knew what people who have been there have to say. Alas, there is no direct way to get that kind of information. Your only bet when it comes to learning about what people have to say about any venue is resorting to forums and the like. And that can be just too time-consuming for its own good. Not to mention that the whole experience can also be unfruitful – there is no guarantee you will get what you were looking for.

Enter RateYourSeats.com. As you can guess by its name, it is a site that lets people who have attended any gig or game vote and rate the venue in question. Specifically, users of this service get to rate the seats they were at based on criteria such as how near they were to restrooms and food, the atmosphere of the crowd and the actual view they had of the event. The aim of the site is to put together the ultimate venue guide for the US. And it must be said it is slowly realizing such an aim, what with its comprehensive coverage of sports facilities and theatres all across the US, and the lists of the top rated seats it features on its homepage.

RateYourSeats.com In Their Own Words

Seat ratings for sports, concert and theater venues.

Why RateYourSeats.com It Might Be A Killer

It will let those who are headed to a venue for the first time know which seats to aim for.

Some Questions About RateYourSeats.com

Which venues have received the best ratings so far? RateYourSeats.com