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RateMyStudentRental.comAre looking for an apartment close to campus for senior year? Get the scoop on student rentals from other University students who have lived at a particular apartment and take a look at RateMyStudentRental.com.

RateMyStudentRental.com has profiles and reviews of apartments close to college campuses that are written by students who have lived there. There is no one better to tell you what an apartment is like than another fellow student. Visit the site and choose a University campus. If your University is not included email RateMyStudentRental and ask them to include your University. Then you get a listing of rental review to choose from. You can choose to list the results by address, recently added reviews, or rating. A google map appears with icons representing the addresses of the reviewed apartments. Choose one of the results and you will get an image of the apartment, the address, the landlords name and of detail information such as the rent price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc Then comes the report card rating the; cleanliness, condition, area, responsiveness, and friendliness. Each section has a maximum rating of 5 stars and the highest grade is an “A” of course. Below there are reviews from other users so you can get information on their experience. Don’t waste your time finding out the hard way that an apartment is not the right fit for you visit RateMyStudentRental.com.

RateMyStudentRental.com In Their Own Words

“Hey, we’re Blake, Kristen, and Steve. We go to school at Kettering University (formerly General Motors Institute) in Flint, MI. As you’ve probably guessed, Flint is not the best place in the world to live. But we think we’ve hit on a pretty good solution and we’re ready to share it with all students everywhere.

So what are we about? We’re about not getting screwed (in a rental sense). As a few college kids in Michigan, we got fed up with sleazy landlords, bad rental experiences, and poor information. Worst of all, at our tiny school, there wasn’t even one location to look for rentals other than a posting board, but a black and white photo copy and a stunning description like “BATHROOMS!” just isn’t enough for us these days. After all, your living space will not only define you at college but contribute to your success, so you need good information. And in the name of all that is malty, we will provide you with the best damn rental information we can.”

Why RateMyStudentRental.com It Might Be A Killer

RateMyStudentRental.com has an attractive interface, the dark striped background with yellow and light blue highlighting stands out and gets your attention. The site is very young and fresh, with fun slang such as ” Yo, home-slice” which is perfect when addressing college students. The rating system and comments are key to the site because, as a former college student myself, it can be difficult finding a good apartment close to campus. In the comments section you can add any detail information you want, commenting on the landlord or surrounding community. The rental profile can have as much detail as the student wants to provide, including a photo image and a list of apartment features. Users can apply to the newsletter to get updates on new features or news at RateMyStudentRental.com. Naming the rating section a report card is very clever.

Some Questions About RateMyStudentRental.com

RateMyStudentRental.com at the moment has a very limit University list. Hopefully its popularity will grow and include many more University members. The profile section could include a tour of the apartment and community. Many online rental services now feature a video tour, it is a great feature because you get a better idea of the space than you would from a photo. RateMyStudentRental.com