RapidFeeds.com – RSS For Everyone

RapidFeeds.comIn the event you are looking into adding a RSS feed for the syndication of your website or blog and are a bit at sea about how to proceed best, this site might help you out of trouble in no time at all.

Essentially, through the site you can create and publish RSS feeds, and track their distribution all over the web.

Furthermore, the site will provide you with the resources for updating and scheduling your feeds in real-time, and password protect them if that is what you want.

On the other hand, both publishers and webmasters are given the resources for re-syndicating and displaying RSS feeds on their sites just by cutting and pasting a string of code. This way, any person who visits their sites has an even wider set of contents to choose from.

These services are all rendered for free, too, so that if you want to bring your site up-to-date and give your visitors access to your materials in a more flexible way, you can easily get started. Just create an account and you are ready to start rolling.

RapidFeeds.com In Their Own Words

“Create RSS feeds and publish news feeds.”

Why RapidFeeds.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a quick and practical way to get into the syndication game.

Some Questions About RapidFeeds.com

Do you have to download anything at any point of the process? RapidFeeds.com