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RapidCube.comFound on the web at rapidcube.com, KykaChat is a service that makes for team groupchat and the sharing of files in real time.

This solution is browser-based when it comes to the other party – that is, all the other person has to do to interact with others that are in the room is to set his browser to the address which is generated.

Some features of note include the ability to upload pictures to employ as an avatar and give others at least a glimpse of what you look like (or not), and support for multiple rooms. Moreover, it is always possible to see old chat transcripts in case memory fails you and you have to corroborate anything.

This solution is available at a fixed price, and there is also a money back guarantee. A demo is likewise provided for you to get a better idea of KykaChat without having to incur into any expenses. For more information, simply click on the link displayed below and you are well on your way.

RapidCube.com In Their Own Words

“Excellent tools for team groupchat, realtime file & image sharing, multiple rooms, transcript featured.”

Why RapidCube.com It Might Be A Killer

It is an instant tool for connecting with others straightaway.

Some Questions About RapidCube.com

How much does it cost? Are there different plans available? RapidCube.com