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RankTracer.comRankTracer is a subscription based service that allows users to track, graph, and monitor and analyze their products sales performance on Amazon. By harvesting sales rank information over time and applying specially developed algorithms, RankTracer produces Sales Estimates based on the sales rank data collected.


Already a world first in this regard, RankTracer combines this feature with a powerful analysis and graphing tool that allows users to make comparisons and draw meaningful conclusions from their product’s sales rank information. Currently, obtaining accurate sales information from other companies can cost thousands of dollars, but at $2 per subscription per month, RankTracer provides good estimates at very affordable prices. Regular reports as well as a variety of stats and alerts make up the rest of a well rounded service. In Their Own Words

“By creating an account at, and purchasing a subscription, you will be able to track the sales information for any product sold on Amazon. Our user interface (or WorkStation) allows you to build a range of graphs to compare sales figures and trends for your products, and delivers sales estimates according to your specifications. We can also send you weekly or monthly reports which contain easy to read graphs and important sales rank trends and information. That’s not all, there are a number of other features and facilities that we provide and we are continually adding to our service. We are more than happy to discuss your individual requirements if they are not met by our site as is.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

RankTracer has been operating successfully for over a year and their proprietary Sales Estimation engine is flexible and tunable allowing RankTracer to improve their estimates as they gather more feedback from customers. Ultimately, their goal is to provide extremely accurate sales figures for the Amazon sales channel allowing marketers, publishers, manufacturers, authors and everyone else to perform effective (overall) market analysis for only a couple of bucks a month.

Some Questions About

Are they going to improve the design of the site?

Author : Bill Webb

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