RankJIT.com – Access Page Rank Information On The Spot

RankJIT.comRankJIT is a new Firefox extension and web widget that will let you check Page Rank in a very dynamic way indeed, as a mere mouse over will result in the corresponding information. Besides, it will let you pin and compare Page Rank of different links in order to determine who is who, and the differences between competing sites more directly.

While a higher Page Rank does not necessarily mean than a site is “better” or “worse” in the same way that a high number of followers on Twitter does not make the user an “authoritative” one, it does act as a sort of indicator that taken on the whole with a few others will let you arrive at your own conclusions.

And by installing the widget on your site or blog you will enable your users to check your page links’ rank and see how popular they are. Again, it won’t make your site or blog better or worse, but users do appreciate having access to such information by default. In a certain sense, it makes for a more transparent Internet.

It goes without saying that this service is available at no cost. If you want to give it a try, you can do so right away by stationing your browser at www.rankjit.com.

RankJIT.com In Their Own Words

“Google Page Rank Checker.”

Why RankJIT.com It Might Be A Killer

It gives people an immediate representation of the way a site stands, and the provided information is particularly useful when coupled with other indicators.

Some Questions About RankJIT.com

What else can you do through the site? RankJIT.com