Railslodge.com – Networking Site for Ruby on Rails

Railslodge.comRailslodge is an online social networking community for Ruby on Rails (the popular development framework used by many organizations for building web applications). The site allows those using this app to communicate, share, discuss, find jobs, make friends, keep updated, find relevant plug-ins, post, blog, etc.

The site uses tag for searches, and highlights certain profiles (which from what I saw don’t contain any My-Space-esque info like party photos, videos, favorite movies, music, etc) The site is clean and professional and a good source of information and potential jobs, if not a bit cold and boring.

Railslodge.com In Their Own Words

“RailsLodge is a Ruby on Rails community for people who want to improve documentation, share ideas and keep in touch with the latest developments.

Bringing together the benefits of easily updateable pages in an organised environment it is expected that RailsLodge will grow into a useful resource for all Rails developers and related professionals.”

Why Railslodge.com It Might Be A Killer

For anyone using Ruby on Rails and/or working in the app field, this site provides good updates and information sharing opportunities, esp if you have ideas or problems.

Some Questions About Railslodge.com

Do enough people care enough about the intricacies of Ruby on Rails to visit a social networking site related to it? Is there any way to make the site more interesting and warm? Railslodge.com