rackAID.com – Making IT Simple & Affordable

rackAID.comThis company leverages enterprise level IT services on behalf of small businesses and young entrepreneurs. It specializes in Linux-powered systems, and it applies free, open source software in order to make IT easier both for startups and small business owners.

Such an approach is very interesting because Linux is not only a cost-effective solution but also a very powerful one, known for its overall reliability and flexibility.

All these IT services that are essential in order to help a company or business grow are catered for. These range from managed hosting, monitoring and email services to full data backup.

These services are bundled together in monthly subscriptions. That is, you choose which ones are aligned with your business goals and budget, and then you customize your own IT solution. You are charged only for these services that you have chosen. And note that you can actually have the company provide the IT management solutions that you think could suit your company best, such as service monitoring, incidence response and month-to-month server management.

rackAID.com In Their Own Words

“Simplifying IT for small business.”

Why rackAID.com It Might Be A Killer

The company offers a cost-effective approach to IT that is also incredibly powerful and versatile.

Some Questions About rackAID.com

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