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Qwotebook.comQwotebook is a new resource that can be compared to Twitter in the sense that it makes for sharing quotes, IE texts that are short by definition. That is all that can be shared on the site.


You can use it to put about every quote and homily that you have always liked and that has spoken to you directly, and you can also use the site to send quotes that you pick up as you make the rounds. The effect is the same in the end, as you are educating people and sharing insight that they might not come across otherwise.

Some of the quotes that I got to read when I checked the site out included “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler” and “If someone gives you advice and they are mad you didn’t implement it, it wasn’t advice”.

Not everything was that meaningful, though. Quotes like “Mom, I’m in my underwear. It’s my religion. It makes me happy. I want to be like this forever” and “I actually shaved in the morning for once. I feel like such a businessman” were also around. In that sense, the site is true to the microblogging ethos, what with meaningful content interspersed with snippets that have clearly been posted for the fun of it. In Their Own Words

“Start Qwoting!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is quite a direct (and fun) way to spread knowledge and insight around.

Some Questions About

Is the content on the site curated in any way or the other?

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