Qwizzy.com – Quiz Widget for Web Sites


Qwizzy.comQwizzy is the latest web application (or widget) for your social networking page, blog, web site, etc. You can build quizzes to integrate into your personalized web pages and allow your friends and fans to participate.

This may be fun for your readers, as they have a platform to ask you questions and get feedback publicly. And of course it is a place for you to ask your readers questions too. It is basically just another way to distinguish your site from others and have fun interacting with others online. The site was created by twentysomethings for twentysomethings, as the kinds of “quizzes” created are just goofy, funny ways to entertain each otherrather than anything serious or particularly interesting.

Qwizzy.com In Their Own Words

“Qwizzy is a new communications tool for sharing knowledge, information, and opinions. The premise is simple: each user has their own web page where friends, family, fans, or complete strangers can ask questions. Once a user decides to respond, the questions and answers are shared on their Qwizzy page and around the Web through our widgets and external applications.

We think this accomplishes a few powerful things: (1) takes many insightful yet not private conversations that currently take place ‘offline'(over email, on the phone, in blog comments, etc.) and puts them in the public realm (2) lets us better know the people we interact with on a regular basis: friends, family, our favorite bloggers, fans, etc. (3) provides everyone a venue to show off their expertise by answering questions to which people want to know the answers.”

Why Qwizzy.com It Might Be A Killer

There are millions and millions of young people on social networking sites and blogs, and this is a fun tool to add to that mix.

Some Questions About Qwizzy.com

Are people looking for more web apps for their MySpace pages? How many people have integrated the widget to their personalized spaces, do they know or track? How do they plan to make a profit? Qwizzy.com