Qwips.com – Social Voice Messages


A Tweet is a brief text with limited characters that you write on Twitter.com, whereas a Qwip is a recorded voice message that lasts up to 30 seconds. You can start making Qwips by entering to Qwips.com.

You can record and use Qwips for any internet app you can imagine, like your Facebook or Twitter accounts (or any other social network), texts from your picture-sharing websites on the internet and even sending them through e-mail.

The goal of Qwips.com creators is keeping the human feel of interpersonal communication that happens when two persons are chatting face to face. There you will feel the tone of the people’s voices, and get a deeper meaning of what is being said. This allows for listeners to be aware of the sensation of the party who is communicating anything with his voice.

All this particular signs are lost in a screen based and written interface, which as wonderful as it is, it is unable to transmit the emotions of that expression.

Qwips.com works in a really easy and user friendly way. The only thing you need to do to start using it, is registering an account. Although you can record Qwips from any website which has an embedded function in it without registering, you will need the account for having a library with your Qwips or for sharing them throughout other platforms.

As for the required hardware you only need a microphone and speakers in your computer for being able to record and hear your Qwips or listen to the ones recorded by other people.

There is an iPhone app you can download to use Qwips.com in the mobile version, and although it is not yet supported for Blackberry or Android, they promise to release those soon.

Qwips.com In Their Own Words

With QWiPS it’s that easy to create 30-second voice captions, voice comments, voice-overs, spoken stories or rants…in your voice!

Some Questions About Qwips.com

It seems that Qwips relies in other social networks for spreading the voice messages. Aren?t they thinking of making it a social network in itself? Qwips.com