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Quotes.netIf you read the site frequently, you will be perfectly aware how fond I am of quotes. You will probably know that the two authors I quote the most are Yeats & Longfellow, and that I do so at a frequency that makes it look as if my job depended on it.

(It actually does, to some extent.) It fills me with joy to review a site that is nothing but an online repository of quotes.

Found on the web at www.quotes.net, this site provides thousands of movie and famous quotations from many literary giants that can be browsed, searched, heard and translated to several languages. Community related features such as voting and ranking are also accounted for.

The database can be browsed both by topic and by author. Whenever you click on an author, you are actually provided additional information such as pictures and photographs, and this way you can put faces to names if you were doing some random browsing, came across something you liked and wished to know at least a little bit more about that author. Maybe links to Wikipedia could be added as well in the future.

Needles to say, I really enjoyed browsing through the site, and I have added it to my collection of bookmarks. Yeats once said that the only business of the head in the world is to bow a ceaseless obeisance to the heart. If you are looking for words straight from the heart, this site will provide you with more than enough to get started.

Quotes.net In Their Own Words

“Search for quotes.”

Why Quotes.net It Might Be A Killer

The actual contents of the site are very compelling, and the whole project is backed up by the popular STANDS4 network of award winning reference related resources.

Some Questions About Quotes.net

Can users submit quotes to be added to the database? Quotes.net