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QuotationCollection.comYou couldn’t find a more explicitly-named site if you tried. That is not a complaint – far from it, it does this site justice as it is building up a thorough database of authors and topics.

This collection is kept by Mr. Eric Napier, and the quotes in question come both from his own personal reading and from reader submissions.

The quotations on offer range far and wide, but the webmaster makes a point of collecting wise, funny, thought provoking and historically significant quotes that elicit thought as well as entertain.

The featured quotes can be looked up in a plethora of ways, as you can navigate by author, subject and date. A search tool is likewise included so that you can streamline your search and give it a specific context.

Finally, if you like the site you can always subscribe to the “Daily Quote” and have pearls of wisdom delivered straight to your inbox. In Their Own Words

“My name is Eric Napier, and I am a collector. Some people collect baseball cards, coins, stamps, dolls, rocks, or various other items. I collect words. Specifically, I collect wise, funny, thought provoking, and historically significant quotations. Most of the quotations in this collection come from my personal reading. Many also come from reader submissions. I love to get new suggestions, so if you have a favorite quotation, by all means share it.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a useful resource that collects quotations from best-loved authors.

Some Questions About

How often is the site updated?

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