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Become The King Of Trivia With QuizUp

Today’s Killer Startup: QuizUp



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Elevator Pitch:

QuizUp is “the biggest trivia game in the world.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

A couple of years ago I was privileged to witness what may have been the dorkiest courtship activity I’ve ever encountered. I was participating in a startup incubator in San Francisco, and two of the other members discovered that they both thought they knew the world map better than anyone. They were also both familiar with a website that times you as you try to fill in the names of every country on the globe. They proceeded to spend the next half an hour furiously typing side by side in an attempt to hold onto their respective titles, while a happy hour went on around them.


My boyfriend glanced over, mid beer sip, and said, “Yeah, they’re going to end up dating.”


Less than a month later, they were a couple.


I bring up this because I hope that similarly dorky (and awesome) couples could possibly find love using QuizUp. At the very least, it’s a fun way to kill some time and still feel like you’re being productive and learning something.


The QuizUp app — which is available for both iOS and Google Play — has hundreds of topics and more than 220,000 questions. You just pick a topic, choose a friend from your Facebook or Twitter friends (or a stranger, up to you) to play with, and start playing! You can chat with other players, check out how your nerd ranking matches up to everyone else on the platform, and even chat on the discussion board. The only possible way that trivia could get more social is by going to trivia night at your local bar, which you’re probably doing already anyway.


So are you the king or queen of trivia? Are you ready to defend your title as hard as those friends of mine did? Head over to QuizUp and start playing today.





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Author : Emma McGowan

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